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Home Museum of the Kapp Family

Viljandi Counthy, Suure-Jaani, 30 Tallinna Street

+372 437 1190

The museum of the Kappīs was founded 1971. The museum is situated in the house which was built by Hans Kapp 1926-1929. Since 1938 lived there Villem Kapp. The museum was opened after the reparation on October 28 1973.
The museum is situated on the first floor of the building: exhibition room, hall, sleeping room, dining room is changed into a music room. The most furniture come from Hans Kapp, the desk and the sofa in the hall belong to Joosep Kapp. Villem Kapp composed lot of his masterpieces with the piano in the hall. In the music room, which was opened 1998, there is Eugen Kappīs grand piano.

The activity of Kappīs in Suure-Jaani began with Joosep Kapp (12.05.1833-20.02.1894) who started here his job as a teacher and an organist at the parish school 1853. J Kapp founded a male choir and brass band, organized singing society "Ilmatar", and he was the member of the Esttonian Writers Fraternity Eesti Kirjameeste Selts, the head committee of Estonian Alexanderschool Eesti Aleksandrikool and the member of the direction of Estonian Agricultural Grange Eesti P&otile;llumeeste Selts.

Hans Kapp (19.06.1870-19.04.1938), the second son of Joosep Kapp continued and increased traditions which were started in Suure-Jaani. Under his leading the mix choir of the "Ilmatar" society became well-known; the community centre, the library, the nursery school was founded and education was advanced.

Artur Kapp (28.02.1878-14.01.1952) was the fourth son of Joosep Kapp. He was one of the most distinguished organ virtuoso, composer and music teacher.
After the graduating of the organ class in 1898 and the composition class in 1900 in the St.Petersburg Conservatoire he leaded the music school in Astrakhan and the local department of the Russian music society. He came back to Estonia 1920 and worked as a conductor in the theatre "Estonia". Later he worked as a lector, since 1925 as a professor in the conservatoire. Among his students is the most famous composer of the first Estonian Republic and the post-war period as G. Ernesaks, E. Kapp, E. Aav, R. Päts, V. Reimann, E. Arro.
Since 1944 lived Artur Kapp steadily in Suure-Jaani.
In his creation he was symphonic first of all. Five symphonies, two overtures, four organ suites, symphonic prelude, two organ concerts, three cantatas, two organ sonatas, oratorio "Hiiob", in addition many solo songs, pieces for orchestra and organ and choir songs a capella belong to him.

Villem Kapp (07.09.1913-24.03.1964), the son of Hans Kapp graduated the organ class of Tallinn Conservatoire 1938 and the composition class of the same university 1944. 1944-64 he worked as a lector, since 1956 as an assistant professor there. He spent his summers in Suure-Jaani and leaded the mix choir "Ilmatar".
He composed an opera, two symphonies, a poem to symphony orchestra, a cantata, a brass band quintet and a lot of choir and solo songs.

Artur Kappīs son Eugen Kapp (26.05.1908-29.10.1996) was well-known composer and public man. He graduated the composition class of Tallinn Conservatoire in 1931. He was a rector of the Conservatoire and a chairman of the Composer Society.
His distinguished masterpieces are ballets Kalevipoeg and "Chrysspinners" Kullaketrajad epos "Vengeance Flames" Tasuleegid, children opera "Winter`s Fairy-Tale" Talvemuinasjutt, youth musical "Cornflowers` Summer" Rukkilillesuvi, three symphonies, many overtures, suites, a lot of instrumental and chamber music, children songs, solo songs and choir songs, film and play music.

Joosep, Hans, Artur and Villem Kapp with their relatives are buried in the Suure-Jaani cemetery. The memorial of Artur and Villem Kapp was designed by sculptor Juhan Raudsepp.

To promote and propagate the music of Artur Kapp and the activity of other distinguished people connected with this area, 48 prospects founded on October 26 2001 The

International Artur Kappīs society


Since 1998 the

Suure-Jaani Music Festival

are held in every summer dedicated to the composers Kapps.

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